Welcome to the JFTP Business in a Box Program:

As a Business Fairy, you will be able to generate sales from the website and platforms we have provided you with and earn a commission on each sale.

How does it work?

Using this very special program, you will be able to generate a link to each of products that you would like to sell.

When a User clicks on this special link, a cookie is popped onto their phone or laptop and will remain there for 365 days. Which means every time your customer pops by our store and purchases, you are recognised for the sale and will subsequently receive your commission.

Reports and Real-time info:

Log into your account anytime, anywhere and check how your sales are performing. Your commission will appear in your view 15 days following the dispatch of your customer order. You will then have the ability to request a withdrawal of your commission to your payment account. This will often be via paypal.


If you have any questions please email abusinessinabox@justfortinypeople.com

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